Casas de Playa (Villas) on Playa La Vistas Beach in Los Cristianos/Las Americas Border.

These 6 Villa's Called Casa Villas, are right on the Sea Front on the Playa La Vistas Beach on the Los Cristianos/Las Americas Border. There are 4x 2 Bedroom Villa's, a 1 Bedroom Villa's and a Studio Villa.
Casa Elena, Casa Capitan, Casa Curt and Casa Annie are the 2 bedroom Villas and Casa Anna are the 1 bedroom Villa and Casa La Casita is the Studio Villa. All the Villas are wheelchair friendly and adapted for the handicapped and have very easy access to the Famous (Best Beach in Tenerife) Playa de Las Vistas Beach.

Click here to See a Map of where the Villas Are. ''CLICK HERE'' and  ''CLICK HERE'' to see inside the Villas.

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