Pyramids at Güímar, Tenerife

Archaeologists and authorities scoffed when a local newspaper published an article claiming to have discovered mysterious step-pyramids on the island of Tenerife. Just more agricultural stone terraces they said, such as are common throughout the Canaries.

But Norwegian ethnographer Thor Heyerdahl thought differently. Dr. Heyerdahl, who had extensive research on the pyramids of Túcume in Peru, was intrigued by photos of the site and on visiting the valley of Güímar to see for himself, he believed these were neither terraces nor random piles of stone cleared by the Spaniards, as some had tried to explain them away. They were painstakingly built step-pyramids, constructed according to similar principles as those of Mexico, Peru and ancient Mesopotamia. The Ethnographic Park  Pirámides de Güímar offers you the possibility to visit these rare and interesting structures, and will provide you with theories regarding the possible diffusion of ancient civilisations.

Besides the six step pyramids, the ethnographic park is also home to the museo  Casa Chacona(museum of Casa Chacona), where a life-size replica of Dr. Heyerdahls' boat, indigenous masks and ceramic figures are on display. There is also an auditorium/cinema, cafeteria and an ecological souvenir shop.

So, if you like history, why not check out these mysterious wonders right here on the eastern shore of Tenerife.