Pepe & Bodega

The  Compostela Beach Complex has a Bar/Restaurants (PEPE & BODEGA)  

The PEPE & BODEGA is a Show Bar with a Buffet, The Pepe & Bodega is inside the Compostela Beach and has over 200 Seats.  The Pepe & Bodega is a buffet This has 7 Server Areas on Which many types of Foods are Served.  This area where the diners can serve themselves. This popular method for great for the Family as all the Family can have what ever the wish and as much as the want.
The Pepe & Bodega is also a Pool Bar open from 8am though to Close.
The Breakfast Buffet Cost  7.80€ for a Adult and 3.90€ for a Child. The Dinner Buffet is 10.40€ for a Adult and 5.30€ for a Child.